Tabony Architects

I am Here is written about a wonderful man who is no longer with us in body, but whose presence is felt throughout the land. This book was created together with both his sons, who are carrying on their father’s legacy in their work and action

It is‭ ‬a story of building and of doing‭, ‬of grand architecture‭ ‬and engineering‭, ‬but above all its about a man who‭ ‬took hold of his own destiny and changed his society‭. ‬Dr‭. ‬Mahmoud Tabony‭. ‬An entrepreneur‭, ‬pioneer‭, ‬and visionary who altered‭ ‬the skylines of both Haifa‭ (‬Kababir Mosque‭) ‬and Tel Aviv‭ (‬Hassam Bek Mosque‭), ‬and lay the ground for urban planning‭ ‬in Arab Israeli society‭. ‬

“The Tabony firm combines architecture‭ ‬and engineering in a way that reveals structural elements as‭ ‬part of an aesthetic whole‭. ‬The Deir al-Asad mosque‭ ‬is a fine example of this‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬the arches supporting the‭ ‬dome are exposed‭, ‬doubling as an element of design‭‭.‬”

“The process of working on the book began by interviewing people who have been close to Mahmoud during different periods in his life‭. ‬Eldad Rafaeli photographed these people‭, ‬and began conceiving a book which would stretch a broad canvas across the years‭, ‬covering Mahmoud’s body of work‭, ‬as well as projects and innovations authored by his sons Ashraf and Ayman‭.”